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Continuing Education

1977-Fall semester, Trinity University, Department of Psychology,  Psychopathology, graduate level course,

          Hal Hoine, Ph.D.                                                                                               university credit 3.0 hrs.

1981-National Family Therapy Institute, "Self-Actualizing Family,"Carl Whitaker,M.D. and Alberto Serrano, M.D.,                              demonstrations and discussion, April 14-16                                                                                   5.5 hr.s        

          Southwestern Regional Practice Institute, Family Service Association of America (FSAA),

          William Glasser, M.D., "Basic Concepts of Reality Therapy;" Workshop, "Process Approach to Family Therapy,

          Marshall Jung, MSW; workshop, "Brief Problem-Focused Therapy," Goolishian and Anderson,

          May 17-19                                                                                                                                     18 hrs.

          FSAA Biennial, "REM, Divorce, and Family Therapy," Richard Gardner, M.D.; workshop, "The Addled

          Adolescent," Robert S. Demski, M.D.; workshop, "Reflective Drama; an Educational Strategy,"

          Cindy Yeo,          Sept. 9-12                                                                                                           18 hrs.

1982--Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, lecture by Robert Langs, M.D.,                                   5.5 hrs.

1983--Albert Ellis, M.D., "Rational Emotive Therapy", June 24                                                                  5 hrs.

1984--Southwestern Regional Practice Institute, FSAA, "Paradoxical Psychotherapy," Lynn Segal; workshop,

          "Neurolinguistic Programming,"   K. Genevieve Davidge, ACSW                                                  18 hrs.

1985-1989-- Transactional Analysis Training, monthly sessions Sept. through May, with Felipe Garcia, M.A.,

           Clinical Instructor and Supervising Member of the International Transactional Analysis Association,

            April 13,'85-June 10,'93,                                                                                                           250 hrs.

1985--International Transactional Analysis Assoc. Annual Conference, "TA 101, Introduction to TA,

          Felipe Garcia, M.A. and Adriana Arzac, Ph.D,                                                                                 18 hrs.

          Southwestern Regional Practice Institute, FSAA, "Family Assessment and Family Intervention,"

          W. Robert Beavers, M.D.; "Systems and Behavioral Approach to Marital Therapy,”

           John V. Flowers, Ph.D.; "Latest Advances in Sex Therapy," John V. Flowers, Ph.D.,       

           April 29-May 1                                                                                                                            18 hrs.

1986--San Antonio Group Psychotherapy Assoc., Carl Whitaker, M.D., lecture and demonstration of

           his family therapy, Jan. 17                                                                                                            5.5 hrs.

Southwestern Regional Practice Institute, Family Service Association of America (FSAA): "Second Order

 Cybernetics and Family Systems Work," Lynn Hoffman, ACSW; "The Application of      Structural

Family Therapy to Psychosomatic Illness in Children," Marshall Jung, DSW; "Adult Children of

Chemically-Dependent Families," Pat Louis, MSW, May 5-7                                                        18 hrs.

1987--Southwestern Regional Practice Institute, FSAA: Workshop, "Creative      and Powerful Techniques for Changing Couples               and Families," Joel S. Bergman, Ph.D.; Workshop, "State of Consciousness and Eriksonian Hypnotherapy,"

            Carol J. Kershaw, Ed.D.; Workshop, "The Therapeutic Use of Dreams," Pat White, CSW, LPC,

             May 4-6                                                                                                                                       18 hrs.

University of Texas Health Science Center Fifth Annual Psychiatry Update: "Anxiety Disorders,"

Nov. 21                                                                                                                                           7 hrs.


1988--Southwestern Regional Practice Institute, FSAA: "The Key to Briefer Psychotherapy," John V. Flowers, Ph.D.;                "Systemic Therapy with Difficult Treatment Groups," Jeffrey L. Zimmerman, Ph.D.; "The New Game Plan for                   Families," Tom Zimmerman, M.A., May 2-4                                                                                       18 hrs.

Laurel Ridge Hospital, "Object Relations and Self-Psychology Theory in the Treatment of Adolescents and                      Adults," May 20-21                                                                                                                       6.75 hrs.

Ecumenical Center, "Women in Therapy:  Anxiety and Power," Rae D.   Perls, Ph.D., July 8               6 hrs.

Southwest Regional USA Transactional Analysis Assoc. Conference: "Thinking Issues and Power                                    from the Child," Claire Marsh,      RN; "Starting Some Action with Clients:  Therapeutic Interventions with the                     Parent in the Child," Jeanne Faulkner, CSW-ACP; "Redecision Therapy and Thinking Errors," John Gladfelter,             Ph.D.; "Winning - Empowering Yourself through Thinking and       Action," Adriana Arzac, Ph.D,

 Nov. 11                                                                                                                                        5.75 hrs.

1989--American Association for Counseling and Development, "Effective            Diagnosis and Treatment Planning,

           Linda Seligman, Ph.D.,      Feb. 24-25                                                                                              12 hrs.

Demonstration in Redecision Therapy by Robert Goulding, M.D., April 18                                             6 hrs.

"How to Establish a Private Practice," Nancy S. Marioles, M.A., May 6                                             3 hrs.

American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, Beginning Workshop, Thomas W. Wall, Ph.D., Joseph Barber, Ph.D.,                 Gary Elkins, Ph.D., Babney M. Ewin, M.D., Richard B. Garver, Ed.D., and Lonnie K. Zeltzer, M.D.,

             Sept. 21-24                                                                                                                                      21 hrs.

"The Nuts and Bolts of Clinical Supervision," Carlton E. Munson, DSW, Sept. 27                              7.5 hrs.

Southwestern Group Psychotherapy Society, "Short-Term Psychotherapy," Peter Sifneos, M.D.;

AGPA Core Course, "Introduction to Group Psychotherapy," Rochelle Satterfield, Ph.D. and Robert J. Silver,            Ph.D., Oct. 6-8                                                                                                                              15.5 hrs.

Southwest Regional USA Transactional Analysis Assoc. Conference, "Beyond Birth Control: What Your Mother             Never Told You about           Relationships" Laura Boyd, Ph.D.; workshop, "Healing the Healers; Caring for the Child              Within Us," Caroline Avery-Dahl; Master Therapy Group- LaNelle Ford, Ph.D.; "A TA Model for Treating               Codependency and Addiction," Jeannie Faulkner, CSW; Master Therapy Group - J. Arthur Maxwell, LPC,                    Nov. 10-11                                                                                                                                       7.5 hrs.

Texas Department of Human Services, Texas Social Workers Conference, "Sex, Ethics, and the Legal System"                April 5-7                                                                                                                                             8 hrs.

1990--American Assoc. for Counseling and Development Workshop,"Legal Aspects of Counseling,"

           Ted Remely,J.D., Ph.D., Feb. 9                                                                                                             6 hrs.

Villa Rosa Mentor Series, "Dual Diagnosis," Joseph Westermeyer, M.D.,May 2                                 3.5 hrs.

Villa Rosa Mentor Series, "Psychotherapy with the Borderline    Personality Disorder:  A Developmental                           Object Relations Approach," James F. Masterson, M.D., July 21                                                        5.5 hrs.


1991--Button and Dietz, Inc., "Child Custody Evaluations," home study course, certified Jan. 30                       8 hrs.

American Assoc. for Counseling and Development Workshop, "Innovative          Techniques for Building Client                 Self-Esteem," B.R. Rhoads, Mar. 1                                                                                                      6 hrs.

Olive Tree Production "The Borderline Personality Syndrome Seminar," Marilyn Gewacke, Ph.D.,

May 15                                                                                                                                              5.5 hrs.

Sunbelt Region of the Institute for Reality Therapy, "The Quest for Quality," William Glasser, M.D.; "Eating                      Disorders and Reality Therapy," Patricia Cobb; "Basic Choices and Quality Decisions," Robert Abney,

Oct 18                                                                                                                                              10 hrs.

1992--Texas Assoc. for Marriage and Family Therapy Annual Conf. "Empowering Couples: A Solution-Focused                       Approach," John Walter; "Treatment of Sexual Abuse: Working with Victims and Offenders," Linda Duncan;       "Basic Introduction to MPD and Other Associative Disorders,"Tana Blair and Marguerite Scott; "Fathers,                       Husbands, Men: A View of Therapy when Men Are in the Room," Charles Vorkoper; Jan. 29-Feb. 1  12 hrs.

American Assoc. for Counseling and Development Workshop, "Myers-Briggs Type Indicator,"

Bree A. Hayes, Ed.D., Mar. 5                                                                                                           5.5 hrs.

Aeschbach and Associates Workshop, "Experiential Dream Interpretation," Elfie Hinterkopf, Ph.D.,

April 27                                                                                                                                              6 hrs.

Robert Lima, ACSW, Inc. Workshop, "Sexual Abuse: Treatment of the Adult Survivor," Susan Forward, Ph.D.,             November 7                                                                                                                                   5.25 hrs.

1993--Charter Real Hospital Professional Lecture Series "Managed Care Issues in Mental Health," Todd Larsen, Ph.D.,             March 4                                                                                                                                            1 hr.

American Counseling Association Workshop, "Male Co-Dependency," Daniel     L. Richards, Ph.D.,

March 5                                                                                                                                               6 hrs.

David R. Lima, ACSW, Inc. Workshop, "Contemporary Applications of Directive Therapy with Adolescents and             Young Adults," Jay Haley, M.A., May 4                                                                                           5.75 hrs.

Charter Real Hospital Lecture, "Half-a-Couple Therapy, Don Hardy-       Holly, LPC and Ann Hardy-Holly, LPC,              June 17                                                                                                                                                  2 hrs.

Villa Rosa Hospital Allied Mental Health Professionals Ethics Forum, "Essay on Ethics:  Confidentiality," July 30;              "Essay on Ethics: Ethics Curricula for Counselor Preparation Programs," August 13;  "Essay on Ethics: Ethical                  Dilemmas in Marketing Counseling Services," August 27; "Essay on Ethics: Ethical Issues in Multi-Cultural                         Counseling," Sept. 10; "Essay on Ethics: Dual Role Relationships," Sept. 24; "Essay on Ethics: Counseling                         Records: Legal and Ethical Issues," Oct. 22; "Essay on Ethics: Ethical Use of Computer Applications in                            Counseling: Past, Present, and Future Perspectives," Nov. 5;                                                               7 hrs.

Charter Real Lecture, "Managing the Hateful Patient," Tom Weiss, M.D., Sept. 9                                     1 hr.

Resource Networks, Inc., "Shattered Dreams and Growth," Ken Moses, Ph.D., Oct. 7-8                     12 hrs.

Texas Lutheran College, "Practical Approaches to Treating Sexually Abused Children and Their Families,"                       William Friedrich, Ph.D., Dec.2                                                                                                       6.5 hrs.


1994--Villa Rosa Hospital Allied Mental Health Professionals Ethics Forum, "Trying Out New Techniques - Guidelines                for Therapists," Sherry Hess, MA, LPC and Linda Engelbrecht, MS, LPC, Jan. 14: "Involuntary              Commitment and Human Rights," Carla Moton, ACP, Feb.11; "Ethical            Issues in Recovered Memories of Child               Abuse," Catherine Casey, PhD, Feb. 25; "Confidentiality in Marriage and Family Therapy," Larry Golden, PhD,              Mar. 11; "Ethical Concerns in Multicultural Counseling, Edward Alderete, ACP, Mar.25; "Psychodiagnosis -                   Ethical Issues,"    Dottie J. Miller, ACP, LPC,LMFT, April 8; "Issues Pertaining to the AIDS Crisis: Ethical and                  and Legal Considerations in AIDS-related Cases," Margaret Wesner, LPC, May 27: "Values in Conflict:                         Challenges to Family Therapists' Thinking," Sherry Hess, MA and Linda Engelbrecht, MS, June 10; "Treating                  Sexual Assault - Ethical Issues," Karen Cabral,MA, LPC, July 8; "Ethical Issues of Confidentiality," Eleanor B.                Komet, Ph.D.,July 22; "Private Practice Marketing: Ethical Considerations," Sherry Hess, MA, LPC, Oct.14;                  "Memory Issues," Catherine Casey, PhD, Oct. 28; "Ethics in Consultation: Relationships, Roles, Competence,                 and Interventions," Dottie J. Miller, ACP, LPC, LMFT, Nov. 18                                                        11 hrs.

American Counseling Assoc., "Psychopharmacology," Dance Smith, PharmD,   Mar. 18                       6 hrs.

Laurel Ridge Psychiatric Hospital,"Media Influences on Target Populations: Youth and Women,"

Robert Demski, M.D., May 24                                                                                                             1 hr.

Laurel Ridge Psychiatric Hospital, "An Overview of the Medical Treatment for Anxiety Disorders," H. Curtis                   Thurman, M.D., Sept. 27                                                                                                                1.5  hrs.

1995-Villa Rosa Hospital Mental Health Professionals Ethics Forum, "Ethical-Clinical Tensions in Clinical Practice,"                    Sherry Hess, M.A., LPC, Jan.27:  "Treating School-aged Children -Ethical Considerations," Katrina Turik, EdD,               LPC,Feb. 10: "Tarasoff Revisited: Duty to Warn Dilemmas," Sherry Hess, M.A., LPC, Feb. 24:  "Counselors,         Confidentiality and Privilege," Sherry Hess, M.A., LPC, Mar. 10“Ethical Considerations: Marketing Guidelines              for Providers of Mental Health and Chemical Dependency Services, Linda Engelbrecht, M.A., April 14: Ethical               Considerations for the Impaired Psychotherapist, Sherry Hess, MA, LPC and Linda Engelbrecht, MA, LPC,                   May 26; Therapist and Client Examination of Morality: Lessons from Jung, Sherry Hess,MA, LPC, June 9:                    Confidentiality and Child Abuse Reporting, Sherry Hess, MA, LPC, June 23: Cultural Diversity Classification in               the DSMIV, Sherry Hess,M.A., September 8,; Ethical Complaints Processing in the American Counseling                      Association, Sherry Hess, M.A., Nov. 10,                                                                                           10 hrs.

 Joseph H. Rosenthal, M.D., Ph.D., Director of the Learning Disabilities Center, Kaiser-Permanente Medical                    Center, Oakland, CA A One Day Seminar about Learning Disabilites, Mar.11                                      6 hrs.

 Impact Seminars, Inc., Courtroom Survival Techniques, Michael J. Schingle, Esq., April 25                  6 hrs.

Villa Rosa Hospital, Review of Changes in the DSM-IV, Italo Samano, PhD, June 29,                       1.5 hrs.

Hospice San Antonio, The Art of Giving Emotional Support to the                       Dying,Brenda Moraldo, PhD,                                      3 hrs.

Mind Matters Seminars: Memory: For Health Professionals, Stuart Zola-Morgan, PhD, Sept. 27,         6 hrs.

Texas Society for Clinical Social Work, Issues in Managed Care, Charles Marvil, MSW, BCD,

Oct. 20,                                                                                                                                              2 hrs.

Institute for Personal Growth and Achievement, "A Fresh Look at Childhood and Adolescent Disorders,"                         Richard D. Yentis, M.D., Dec. 8,                                                                                                     6 hrs.

1996--Carondelet Manageement Institute, "When a Child Dies:  How to Support the Bereaved Parents and Siblings,"                 Ron Zucker, M.A., M.S.W., May 7,                                                                                                   5 hrs.

Institute for Behavioral Healthcare,  "Brief Therapy and Managed Care: Making the Most of Each Session,"                     Michael Hoyt,PhD, May 24-25,                                                                                                        12 hrs.

            Counseling Associates of San Antonio, Ethics Forum for Mental Health Professionals, “Ethics and When to                      Refer,” Karen Cabral, MA. LPC, LMPT  July 12, 1996, “Ethical Issues of Managed Care,” Marilou Weir,                     M.A.,  LPC, LMFT, Sept. 6,                                                                                                              2 hrs.     

San Antonio Community Hospital American Board of Certified Managed Care Providers Managed Care Conference,                 Alex DAlessandro, M.A.,      Oct. 3 & 4,                                                                                         12 hrs.

1997-Counseling Associates of San Antonio, Ethics Forum for Mental Health Professionals, “The First Session and                     Managed Care,” Dottie J. Miller, ACP,LPC, LMFT, April 3, Gender Issues and Ethics, Gina Canseler, MA.                  LMFT,                                                                                                                                             2 hrs.

American Counseling Association,Group Counseling Skills, Ed Jacobs, PhD, May 30,                      7 hrs.

           Institute for Natural Resources, Sleep, Diet, and the Brain, Martina Cartwright, PhD, R.D., Nov. 14,   6 hrs.

           Texas Rehabilitation Association, “Adult Attention Deficit Disorder -Its Not Just for Children, “

           Randall Sellers, MD; “ADD: School/Work Implicatuons,” Dsniel Diaz, LPC, Dec. 2,                      2.5 hrs.

           American Board of Certified Managed Care Providers, Home Study Course, “Mastering Managed Care,

           Vol. II, » Alex DAlessandro, MS, LMHS,      Dec. 22                                                                  15 hrs.

1998-Dallas Group Psychotherapy Society, Redecision Therapy in Action, Mary Goulding, MSW, “Establishing                       Effective Redecision Contracts,” Julia Lacy Baird, PhD, “Group of Two: Couple Redecision Therapy,”

          John Gladfelter, PhD,Transforming Treatment by Accessing the Natural Child,” Vann Joines, PhD, “Search for             Spirituality in a Disconnected World,” Muriel James, EdD, April 17-19                                          15 hrs.

          Ethics Forum, “Confidentiality and Legal Issues,” Thomas Johnson, LPC, August 7: “Ethical Issues with Dying                 Clients,” John Dauer, LMSW,  October 2  “Ethical Issues in Treating the Psychiatrically Disabled,” Mary Tisdale,            LMSW-ACP, Feb. 5.                                                                                                                       3 hrs.    

1999--Mind Matters Seminars, “The Aging of the Brain, the Aging of theMind,” Bruce Quinn, M.D., Ph.D.,

           October 15                                                                                                                                        6 hrs.

           American Board of Certified Managed Care Providers, “The Clinician’s Guide to Treatment Planning for                         Managed Care, Alex D’Alessandro, MS,LMHC, December 30                                                       15 hrs.  

1999-Mind Matters Seminars, “Understanding Anger.”  Joseph Shannon, Ph.D.,  Sept. 21                            6 hrs.

         Counseling Associates of San Antonio, Ethics Forum, “Adoption Search and Reunion,”  Patricia Martinez Dorner,           LPC, LMFT, October 1; Counseling Associates of San Antonio, Ethics Forum, “Ethical Issues “When Family                 Members Have Different Therapists,”  Dottie J. Miller, LMSW-ACP, LMFT, LPC, Nov. 5:           

          “Ethical Issues Involved in Resolving Disputes through Mediation,” Jim Mayer, J.D.,  Dec. 3                 3 hrs.

          Mind Matters Seminars, “Memory,” Anthony Phillips, Ph.D., Nov. 15                                                  6 hr

2000-Dallas Group Psychotherapy Society,“Advanced Redecision Therapy Training,” January 28-29,Mart B.                           Kranzberg, Ph.D., February 25-26, Sherry Porter-Jung, Ph.D., March 24-25, John Gladfelter, Ph.D.,  28 hrs.

          Our Lady of the Lake University, Graduate School of Psychology, Counseling Theories, “Transactional                            Analysis,Dottie J. Miller, LMSW-ACP, LMFT, LPC, March 8      LPC 8 hrs. LMFT 3 hrs, LMSW-ACP 8 hrs.

         On Good Authority distance learning audiotape, The Woody Allen Scandal,” Roberta Graziano, DSW, "Incest"                Elliot Krick, MA "The Films of Woody Allen"  Roberta Shechter, DSW "Termination"                       1 hr.

         Counseling Associates of San Antonio Ethics Forum, “Ethical Considerations in Providing Services to People with             Mental Retardation,” Patrick Hopkins, LPC, Oct. 6;

2001- Counseling Associates of San Antonio Ethics Forum, “Ethics Plain and Simple Your Values,” John Dauer,                        LMSW-ACP, Feb. 2, “Ethics in Handling Clients Belief Systems,” Art Kirby, LPC, June 1; “Ethics:

           Attachment Issues When Clients Suffered Traumatization,” Deborah Knickerbocker, LPC, Aug. 3, “What is                    Normal Grief and its Ethical Implications,” Rev. Darwin Huartson, LPC, Sept. 7                                    3 hrs.

          Methodist Healthcare, ”Sexual Dysfunction in Women,” Gary Penny, M.D., May 2                                1 hr.

          Cortext Mind Matters Educational Seminars, “Understanding Depression,” Preston Jones, PsyD,

           June 22                                                                                                                                               6 hrs.

San Antonio Assoc. of Marriage and Family Therapists’Annual Conference,”Values and Skills in a Confused Society,” “Practical Applications and Creative Treatment Techniques with Couples,” “Extramarital Affairs,” Douglas Meske, Ph.D., Aug. 11; "Ethics and Substance Abuse Treatment,"                                     7 hrs.

2002- Counseling Associates of San Antonio Ethics Forum, "Coaching vs. Psychotherapy: Ethical Considerations," Paulette Bethel, MA, LMFT, LPC, Jan. 4; "Ethics and Substance Abuse Treatment,"Brad Wild,LCDC, LPC, April 5; "Ethics of Personal Grief Issues (Knowing and Setting Boundaries)," Cecilia Alvarez, LMSW-ACP, July 12; Ethics of 'Holding Techniques' in Attachment Therapy," Clifton Fuller, LMSW-ACP, LMFT, LPC,

            Oct. 4,                                                                                                                                                     4 hrs.

            Conundrum Communications, Inc., "Is Diagnosis a Disaster?:" A Constructionist Trialogue"                       2 hrs.

            Center for Anger Resolution, Inc., "Anger Resolution Therapy Certification Training," Newton Hightower, LMSW-ACP, LMFT, LPC, July 26-27                                                                                                12 hrs.

2003- Conundrum Communications, Inc., "The Nature and Predictions of the Trajectory of Change in Marital Quality for Husbands and Wives Over the First 10 Years of Marriage"  Jan. 24                                                       2 hrs.

            Cortext Continuing Education, "Clinical Aspects of Memory," Cary Savage, PhD, June 17                     6 hrs.

            The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, "Brain Imaging (Fmri and PET) Studies during Orgasm in Women with and without Complete Spinal Cord Injury," Beverly Whipple, PhD, RN and Barry Komisaruk, PhD;

             "Gender in Latino Cultures," Raphael Mazin, MD, MPH;  "Sexology Ethics," Patricia Alexy, PhD, Linda Alperstein, MSW, Robert Friar, PhD, Robert Francoer, PhD;      "Development of Sexuality in Girls and Women," Janet Hyde, PhD, Deborah Tolman, EdD, Lisa Diamond, PhD, Gail Wyatt, PhD;  "My Husband Changes Diapers When My Father Never Would: Working with Student Perceptions of Gender and Gender Roles Five Decades Post-Kinsey," Mark Bigler, PhD and Peter Anderson, PhD                                  8.5 hrs.

            CE-Credit.com, "Becoming You Own Therapist: Practical, Effective Strategies for Managing Your Moods and Behavior," Dec. 29                                                                                                                                3 hrs.

CE-Credit.com, "10 Ways Practictioners Can Avoid Frequent Ethical Pitfalls," Dec. 31                         1 hr.

At Health, Inc., "Recreating Partnership: a Solution-Oriented Collaborative Approach to Couples

Therapy," Dec. 31                                                                                                                                1 hr.

2004-Cross Country University,"Anxiety Disorders: Research, Diagnosis, and Treatment," Wayne Eastlack, PhD,

          August 11                                                                                                                                             6 hrs.

         Cross Country University, "Bipolar Disorder: Clinical Course and Effective Treatment Strategies," Bill Bond,                     LCSW, August 13                                                                                                                               6 hrs.

Cross Country University, "Counseling Couples: What Works, What Doesn't Work," Brenda Dozier, PhD,             October 20                                                                                                                                        6 hrs.

         Peach Tree Professional Education, Inc. "Ethics #3: Ten Therapeutic Myths," Richard K.

        Nongard, M,A, LMFT                                                                                                                      3 hrs.

2005--CMI Institute, Inc., "When Parents Die: Helping Heal Broken Hearts      and Broken Bonds," Harold Ivan                     Smith, D.Min., CT, July 28                                                                                                               6 hrs.

     Cross Country University, "Anger Control Made Easy," Izzy Kalman, MS, Sept. 1                              6 hrs.

        San Antonio Area Rehabilitation Assoc., "Practical Goal Directed Counseling," Graciela Etter, MA, LPC, Larry Etter, LPC, Dolores Garcia-Reddick, LCSW, LCDL, Jolyn Mikow, PhD, Anastacio Valdez,

         Dec. 1                                                                                                                                                6 hrs.

        World Wide Learn, CEU4U.com, “Client Rights, Ethical Issues,” Richard P. Hollingsworth, PhD, Dec. 11  3 hrs.

2006—CMI Education Institute, Inc. “Effective Interventions for Working with Challenging Clients and Applicable Ethical Considerations,” Tana Slay, PhD, March 30                                                                               6 hrs.

         CMI Institute, Inc., “Suicide: Insights from a Survivor,” Terry L. Wise, J.D., May 15                             6 hrs.

          Ecumenical Center for Religion and Health, “Healing Clinicians, Understanding our own Spiritual Formation,”

          Art Kirby, M.Div., October 19                                                                                                          3 hrs

          Bexar County Psychological Assoc., “Assessing and Managing Suicidality: Ethical Issues and Standard of Care Strategies,” M. David Rudd, PhD, November 3                                                                                   6 hrs.

2007—Cross Country Education, “Assessment and Treatment of Couples with Sexual Problems,” Melinda Masters,

          MSW, LCSW, February 21                                                                                                             6 hrs.            

2008--Institute for Brain Potential, “Self-Destructive Emotions,” Nick Hall, PhD March 20                               6 hrs.

          Dancing Moose Productions, "Ethics: A Musical Comedy," Tim Anderson    July 22                              3 hrs.

         Cross Country Education, "Anxiety Disorders: Research, Diagnosis and Treatment," J. Wayne Eastlack, PhD, Sept. 3                                                                                                                                                       6 hrs.

         Cross  Country Education, "Personality Disorders in Social Work and Health Care," Gregory W. Lester, PhD,

         Sept. 17                                                                                                                                                    6 hrs.

2009—The Collaborative Law Institute of Texas, Interdisciplinary Training; Norma Trusch, J.D, Linda Solomon, LPC &        Scott Clarke, CPA, May 14-15, 2009.                                                                                                     12 hrs.

            Cross  Country Education, “Happiness; How Positive Psychology Changes Our Lives,” Lynn Johnson, PhD,

            Oct. 7                                                                                                                                                        6 hrs.

            Ce4Less.com "Boundaries in Mental Health Treatment an Ethics Course" Dec. 27                               2 hrs.

2010     PESI  "Motivational Interviewing: Eliciting Clients' Own Arguments for Change," Ann Fields, MSE Jan. 20  6 hrs.

             Cross Country Education, “Couples and Affairs: Managing the Clinical Challenges,” Michael Ceo,MA, LPC

             July 28                                                                                                                                                             6 hrs

     Alliant International University, “Sex and Love Addiction,” Elaine Brady, PhD, LMFT  Oct. 20                     8 hrs

             AtHealth, Inc. and PsychoEducation Resources, Inc., “Ethical Issues with Fees, Billing, and Collections,”   Barbara Alexander, LCSW, BCD and Barton Bernstein, JD, LMSW, Nov. 14                                                              1 hr.

             AtHealth, Inc. and PsychoEducation Resources, Inc., “Ethics: Nine Ethical Values of Master Therapists,” Len Jennings, PhD, Ashley Sovereign, Nancy Bottorff, Melissa Pederson Mussell, PhD, and Christopher Vye, PhD Nov. 14                                                                                                                                                                 1 hr.

2011—USATAA 2011 Conference, Healing Relationships Everywhere,

           “Learning And Growing From Painful Endings And Transitions In Relationships”,  Felipe Garcia, M.A.,LPC,

            Oct. 28                                                            1.5 hrs.

     “Understanding The Power Of Injunctive Messages And How They Are Resolved In Redecision Therapy,”

             John McNeel, PhD, Oct. 28                                                                                                                             3 hrs                 ”Miniscripts And Driver Behavior: A Powerful Therapeutic Tool,” Ray Quiett, PhD  Oct. 29                          1.5 hrs.

            “Culture’s Impact On Ethical Practice  Ken Taber, MSW, M.Div., MS    Oct. 29                                           1.5 hrs.

            “Dual Relationships In Ta Training Programs: Hazards And Solutions” , Dawn McBride, PhD, Oct. 29       1.5 hrs.

2012— ContinuingEdCourses.Net, Course #70 - Becoming a Trauma-Aware Therapist: Definitions and Assessment,
             Laura S. Brown, Ph.D.   Jan. 10                                                                                                                   3 hrs

TX State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors Jurisprudence Exam-Y-2012 Jan. 16                1 hr.

Cross Country Education, “The Three Stages of Healing; Trauma Conversion and Resilience,” Melissa

Bradley, MS,   Jan. 31                                                                                                                        6 hrs. 

CMI Premier Education Solutions, Inc., “Advanced Assessment & Diagnosis Using the DSM-IV-TR® & A Preview of the DSM-5®”, Brooks Baer, MA, LCPC, CMHP. July 17                                                                           6 hrs.

Cross Country Education, “Journal Therapy: Writing as a Therapeutic Tool,” Kathleen Adams, LPC, RPT

Nov. 1                                                                                                                                                            6 hrs.     

2013----Leadership Seminars, “Ethical Decisions,” Emily Laubach, Ph.D. Jan. 29                                                     6 hrs

             Cross Country Education, “Counseling for Couples: Understanding and Improving Love Relationships,” Gary                       Brainerd, PhD, LMFT, March 27                                                                                                                     6 hrs..

            NASW Webinar, “Introducing NASW’s Updated Sample HIPAA Privacy Forms and Policies,”

Sherri Morgan,JD, MSW    Sept. 12                                                                                                                1 hr.

Cross Country Education, “Happily Incompatible,” Alan Godwin, PsyD Sept. 25                                            6 hrs.

Premier Education Solutions Inc. (PESI) “Ethical Principles in the Practice of Mental Health Professionals,”

Allan M. Tepper, J.D., Psy.D    Oct. 23                                                                                                            6 hrs.

2014--  Premier Educational Solutions Inc. “(PESI) Legal and Ethical Issues in Behavioral Health in Texas,”

Pamela Beach, RN, JD   Jan. 14                                                                                                                     6 hrs

TX State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors Jurisprudence Exam (FY 2014).

NASW Professional Education and Training Center, “Managing Client Expectations,” Pamela Popp, EVP,

Renee Rivera, LCSW  March 26                                                                                                                      1 hr.

Cross Country Education, “DSM-5 in Plain English,” Kenneth Carter, PhD, ABPP  Oct. 1                             6 hrs.

Cross Country Education, “Keeping Ethics in Clinical Practice”, Frances Patterson, PhD Nov. 20                6 hrs

Premier Education Solutions Inc. (PESI) “Clinical Implications and Applications of the Adult Attachment                               Interview”  Daniel Siegel, MD  Dec. 30                                                                                                          1.5 hrs

2015--   Premier Education Solutions Inc. (PESI)           “Heal Your Heart After Grief” David Kessler, M.A. Jan. 14             6 hrs   

            Premier Education Solutions Inc. (PESI) “New Frontiers in Couples Therapy: Working with Changing

            Norms for Intimacy, Commitment, and Sexuality,” Julie Gottman, PhD, John Gottman, PhD, Richard

            Simon, PhD, Esther Perel, PhD, Terry Real, PhD, Tammy Nelson, PhD, Pat Love, EdD,

            William J. Doherty PhD,    July 25                                                                                                                   8 hrs.

            Cross Country Education, “ Disarming the Suicidal Mind: Evidence-Based Assessment and Intervention”,

            Timothy Skrull, PhD  October 21                                                                                            (1 hour ethics)  6 hrs.

2016--  Premier Education Solutions Inc. “Sex Made Simple: Clinical Strategies for Sexual Issues in Therapy”,

            Barry W. McCarthy, PhD, ABPP  January 6                                                                                                 6.25 hrs.

            Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors Jurisprudence Exam (FY 2016) Jan. 26         1 hr.

            Texas Assoc. of Marriage and Family Therapists, “Wired for Connection: Neuroscience and Relational

Change”, “From Reactivity to Empowerment in Couple Therapy: A Neurobiological-Relational Approach,”

Mona D. Fishbane, PhD; “Healing Intergenerational Wounds: A Systemic-Neurobiological Approach”,

Mona D. Fishbane, PhD;  March 3                                                                                                                 6 hrs.

“Tips, Tricks, and Traps: Establishing Your Thriving Private Practice”, Sean B. Stokes, Ph.D., LMFT-S,

             LPC-S, Chris Bedard - Speakers MMFT, MS, LMFT, Michele S. Greer, Ph.D., LPC-S

“Ethical Issues in the Digital Age”, Jaclyn D. Cravens , PhD, LMFT, David Ivey, PhD, LMFT  March 4        6 hrs.

The Doherty Relationship Institute, “Introductory Workshop of Discernment Counseling”

William Doherty, PhD, April 1                                                                                                                         4 hrs.

            Collaborative Divorce Texas, “Advanced Interdisciplinary Training: Parental Planning Worksheet”

            June 24                                                                                                                        (.75 Hr. Ethics)      5.76 hrs.

2017-    Vyne Education, “Ethics 2.0 When Clinical Goes Digital”, Jeffrey Ashby, PhD, ABPP, March 22                 6 hrs

             Collaborative Divorce Texas Advanced Training, “Delving into the Heart of Conflict:

             Breaking Barriers in the Midst of Impasse."  Lisa Herrick, Ph.D, Barbara A. Burr, J.D,

             Lonnie J. Broussard, CFP CDFA     June 23.                                                                                                6 hrs.

2018-    Institute of Brain Potential, “The Habits of Stress-Resilient People,” John D. Preston, PsyD Feb. 22           6 hrs.

             TX State Board of Examiners of Marriage and Family Therapists Jurisprudence Exam (2018)  Feb. 25      1 hr

            TX State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors Jurisprudence Exam (2018)  Feb. 25                  1 hr.

Collaborative Divorce Texas, “Collaborative 2.0-The Next Generation of Collaborative Practice in Texas”

              March 22 and 23       (2.75 Ethics Hours)                                                                                                 12.5 hrs. 2019-    Premier Education Solutions Inc., “Suicide & Self-Harm: Treatment Essentials for Helping Clients Confront                          Devastating Emotional Pain” Jack Klott, LCSW, MSSA, CSWW January 9                                             6.25 hrs.

            Premier Education Solutions, Inc. Psychology Networker magazine Quiz Jan./Feb. 2019    Jan. 23           2 hrs.

            National Assoc. of Social Workers, “Technology in Social Work Practice: Standards of Practice”

Elizabeth Cauble, Ph.D, LMSW, Yvonne Chase, PhD, LCSW, ACSW  May 16                                          2 hrs.                                                                                         

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