"In getting to know us, Dottie Miller was insightful enough to drill down to our problems very quickly while keeping us calm. She was always professional and unbiased and helped each of us with our individual issues and well as our issues as a couple. Dottie Miller helped us set expectations for new ground rules, gave us a common language for communication, and gave us academic support to help us through our issues with one another clearly and rationally. She greatly improved our ability to communicate with each other. Finally, Dottie Miller did a great job of bringing out and dealing with emotional issues without our becoming emotional. We felt we were at an impasse in our marriage and she helped us save it. We wholeheartedly recommend Dottie Miller’s services."

--M. and E. G.

“Dottie helped me empower myself after a series of sessions with her. By examining my emotions and behaviors, in context of both my recent challenges and my more formative years, she helped me see for myself why I was creating barriers today and how to overcome these maladaptive behaviors. I strongly recommend her for those ready to make change in their life.”


"It was such a pleasure learning from you. The woman you are is nothing short of incredible and intriguing! It is apparent that helping couples is a huge passion of yours and anyone that has you as a therapist is blessed."

-Courtney Bryant, LPC Associate, MA, NCC

"Talking to Dottie Miller always makes me feel better. In 2008, after a particularly painful breakup, I was in need!  I chose her because she specializes in Transactional Analysis but was pleasantly surprised by the gracious lady I met with.  Dottie gives excellent care.  As time goes on, my life advances, but I still need her.  My husband and I now have a little girl with a very serious genetic disease.  We see Dottie regularly to tune up our relationships and ensure the health of our daily thoughts.  She not only counsels, she cares.  She not only listens, but she remembers what you have said years later.  She offers quick, insightful advice that solves problems. Her gift to me is always making me feel as though I don’t need her, that I am perfect."



"Going through a difficult time in any relationship requires a measured degree of patience and understanding. Dottie helped our relationship [between husband and wife] get through a rough spot. She helped us exposed our human frailty, vulnerabilities and untangle the issues affecting our relationship. Dottie is an excellent listener and she excels at having couples exercise role-playing, role-reversal, re-inactment, and self-awareness. It isn't easy looking into the mirror and seeing your own faults, yet, Dottie sets the tone and atmosphere that allows couples to look at themselves to learn--sometimes re-learn--what elements of attraction, bonding, emotional and spiritual re-awakenings forged a relationship. Couples can sometimes lose this connectivity and be distracted by external and/or internal circumstances. Dottie works with couples to re-discover their core beliefs in themselves as well as their partnership. Dottie is fascinating, strong, effective and easy to work with. I recommend Dottie for couples dealing with issues as well as couples who just need to check-in for a check-up. Our couples therapy with Dottie has helped lift us along life's serendipitous journey as we look forward to celebrating our 20th anniversary this year." 

"I really truly appreciate Dottie's unique insight into the psyche of the cop and the doctor. She has made me more insightful and more calm. Calmness can not be undervalued!!" 


"Dottie, you were definitely the right person for the job.  We were very lucky to find you.  You helped us adjust the way we communicated with each other; which in turn made us a stronger and happier couple. Thanks for all your help."

--E and C

"Going to see Dottie was the best decision we made- she listened to our struggles and provided useful information to help us work together and grow our marriage rather than end it. Highly recommend her if your relationship is troubled."


"Dottie helped me on a couple of different occasions. Both times the therapy helped me become confident in my decisions, leave the past in the past and the tools to be happy as I am living life. She helped at a time when I found myself raising children on my own. I can confidently say that we all made it through the tough times and are all very successful in our work and happy as a family. Thank you for providing tools for my mental tool chest."


Everyone I have referred has told me how amazing you are and how helpful you have been, so you are always at the top of my list. 

--S.G., family law attorney

"Just wanted to express my thanks for your healing support through the most difficult time of my life. You suggested positive statements to repeat to myself. It helped immensely. I am getting better at noticing my negative self statements, and then replacing them with positive statements. This has blossomed to morning and night positive meditations, and a vision board! Also enjoyed our music sharing. My love for world music is growing. I have a patient at TCID that loves to share both French and African music. And, we just got a patient from Russia, so if he ever comes to my sessions that could be fun-I hope he likes Rachmaninoff!

You are amazing and I wish you much love and happiness!"






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